Shitheads dating video

We choose them because they aren’t the ones chasing us.

We are drawn to the damaged person hoping to be the one to conquer them, and yet we always tend to be the ones who are broken in the end.

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It’s dangerous, and it can lead us down a slippery slope to the depths of heartbreak.

We forget to get to know a man’s mind because we are so stricken with a helpless desire to be forever intertwined with his body.

We’re self-sufficient and can take on a host of responsibly with a glorious elegance that leaves the world spellbound.

We go from being these mighty, awe-inspiring women to these puddles of self-conscious mush. We no longer look at ourselves in the mirror and take that as the nod to perfection but instead need to have that same reflection dancing the in the eyes of a man to contain the same meaning.

Sex will always outshine brainpower in the heat of the moment.

Researchers at Stanford University have shown that love is a truly powerful stimulant that has the same effects on the brain as drugs or alcohol. We all know the kinds of decisions we make when we hit the bottle too hard.

We know nothing good can come out of intoxicated attempts at rationality.

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