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I have found it is better to discover early where the friendship is leading rather than carry on a long-term relationship to find out later the other person was thinking you were "just friends." For many relationships ending in this way, the bottom line is one person didn't see the other as their "life partner." And that's okay.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think you should have to "convince someone" into going out with you.

Don't allow anyone or anything to dictate the type of person you pursue.

We may miss a person who God chose for us because they didn't "look like" what we had envisioned or didn't "come from" where we had expected.

And hate, because it can be easily misused and misinterpreted.

Boiling it down, why do women respond by saying they want to be "just friends" with you? Because I have been approached by someone with whom I'm not interested in anything more than friendship and feel like I must and make this clear upfront, so that the other party will know that I do not have romantic feelings toward him.

Sometimes I find myself, and see others, (almost) settling for somebody (or something) other than God's best.

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Many of us have been on both sides of this exchange and have had additional motives for not wanting to get involved with someone at the time.Oftentimes we see happy successful couples who we would have never put together ourselves, yet they are perfect for one another.At other times we see failed marriages and can't understand how it could have happened between two wonderful people.If we are truly seeking God's best for our life, why aren't we doing the same for ourselves and helping others to do so as well?As many of us grow older, we can't help but find ourselves "backed up" against the age clock or challenged by what "everyone else" is doing; however, it should not dictate or cause us to take an action other than what God wants us to do and created us for.

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